This blog was celebrating its 12th (!) anniversary in June, and I can’t believe that I have actually never written a single article in English language. Anyway, with about 200 articles and pages, this could be the right time to also add some English content to it, especially since today, I want to mainly refer to a beautiful website that I have come across a couple of days ago which is „The Mythic Mindset“ written by Jeff Sheerin.

I was basically just searching for information about Magic Arena, Mythic, and how to make it to the top 1200, since I was also trying to stay / get back into the the top 1200 Mythic (Constructed) ranks by the end of June, in order to qualify for the next Mythic Qualifier Weekend. I actually don’t even really know what kind of tournament this will be, since I have only started to play on Magic Arena a couple of months ago.

However, I do know that it is not really easy to achieve this, and since I have been a rather competitive than casual MtG player myself (at least about 10-15 years ago), I wanted to give it a crack and challenge myself. Like in May, I was not able to make it to the top 1200 ranked Mythic players, though. I found that the competition is very strong, and every single mistake will be punished.

And of course, it hurts when you lose a very close game, or the entire match, maybe only because you tapped the wrong land, made a sub-optimal decision at the early stages of a game, or you decided to keep a mediocre hand etc. But the most important thing seems to be to notice your wrong decisions, reflect on them, and try to make better decisions in future.

In one of my other articles, I was writing about the parallels between the business world, MtG, poker, triathlon, and SEO. And this is what I appreciate the most about my new approach towards playing Magic the Gathering on Magic Arena: I think that I am much more aware of the strategic aspects, the theory behind good game play, the importance of a good mindset, a constantly „mythic mindset“.

I will try to make even more time for those moments, when I reflect about those things in future. It helps me to also be more aware of business decisions, strategic positioning, and to be more focused. But also to be grateful that I am able at all to play this game, to be an entrepreneur, to be healthy, to have a great team, and to have so many possible choices and options in my life.